Soothing Lavender and Rose Water Facial Toner


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To make this product we place lavender buds and in tea bags and then seal them. The tea bags are then placed in aloe Vera liquid and heated for several hours. During this process the lavender is “infused” into the aloe Vera liquid. In other words, the chemical compounds are extracted from the plant material and suspended in the liquid. This toner has many of the best qualities that lavender, aloe Vera and witch hazel are known for as it cleanses skin and shrinks pores. After cleansing with Facial Cleansing Bar for Dry Skin, place Soothing Lavender and Rose Water Toner on a cotton ball and smooth on skin, after toner has dried apply Lavender & Aloe Facial Lotion.

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Witch Hazel, Rose Water, Lavender Infused Aloe Vera Liquid


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