About Us

Our overall goals for Rocky Soil Land of Lavender is to help, serve and sustain. We want to be a positive influence in people’s lives and be involved in and support our local community projects and charities. We believe in helping to sustain and protecting our natural environment and natural resources not only in our local community but also nationally and globally.

Debbie Wohllaib, Founder

As a Registered Nurse who works in oncology I have been interested in and researching the use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for cancer patients for many years.

I created this business to do something meaningful and provide others with products that are earthy and natural, uninhibited by synthetic chemicals. I wanted to use renewable plants and herbs that really do produce the very finest skin loving ingredients. In our business we want to promote sustainability and avoid the depletion of the earth’s natural resources.

I live in Wyoming with my husband and an array of pets. I have 7 children and 6 grandchildren. My hobbies include reading, hiking in the mountains and relaxing by the ocean.

Arielle Kienlen, Assistant

I am excited to be part of Wyoming Land of Lavender in collaboration with my Mother, Debbie.   I am a strong believer in the importance of healthy skin, I’ve personally created body scrubs to combat my own skin care issues.  My contributions to the business include working in the garden, planting and cultivating the plant materials.  We work together to create and produce our body care product line.

 I’ve worked for 8 years as an EMT (emergency medical technician) in a Colorado hospital emergency department and am currently a full-time student majoring in nursing. I enjoy membership in the Prairie Garden Club, along with cooking and canning the fruits and vegetables.  When I’m able to I love to hike and backpack and compete in physical fitness competitions.  I have two wonderful children.

Welcome Tammie Nichols!

Office Manager and Production Assistant

I am excited that Debbie has extended the opportunity for me to join in her Rocky Soil Land of Lavender adventure!
Moving to the dry climate of Cheyenne from the humidity of Missouri was quite a shock for my skin, to say the least.  Learning about the gentle, skin loving, hydrating and environmentally friendly products Debbie develops has been enlightening.
I have worked in health care for ten years in the areas of orthopedic surgery, oncology and currently, hemodialysis.  Caring for patients with diverse medical diagnoses, I have become aware of the many challenges they face with changes to their skin during the disease and treatment processes.  
My contributions to the business are in the area of business management and marketing.
I have a wonderful life partner and two beautiful daughters.  In my free time I enjoy spending time watching my younger daughter participate in equine sports, taking motorcycle trips, camping in the mountains and working outside.  

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